Brittany Sigurdsson

 Brittany Sigurdsson


North London

Universities attended

Revelle College at UC San Diego
Goldsmiths College

I specialise in

  • ACT
  • SAT I

I also teach

  • AP Exam
  • Application Essays
  • Application process
  • College choice
  • Homework Help
  • US High School
  • US Middle School
  • ACT English
  • ACT Math
  • ACT Reading
  • ACT Science
  • ISEE Lower
  • ISEE Middle
  • ISEE Upper
  • SAT I Critical Reading
  • SAT I Maths
  • SAT I Writing
  • SAT II Biology/EM
  • SAT II Literature
  • SAT II Math Level 1
  • SAT II Math Level 2
  • SAT II Physics
  • SAT II U.S. History
  • SAT II World History
  • SSAT Lower
  • SSAT Middle
  • SSAT Upper


While I've been helping my younger siblings with their homework since they were old enough to be in school, I started my first formal tutoring job in high school. I moved into standardized test tuition several years ago and have been the Head Tutor at USApplicants since 2012. Since becoming an SAT & ACT tutor in London, I have helped hundreds of students prepare for the various exams. Between teaching in the US and in the UK, I have developed a comprehensive and proven method to achieve standardized test goals, tailored to a UK system student's individual needs. I have also provided application assistance to students who have received acceptance letters from Stanford, Columbia University, NYU, Sarah Lawrence College, and most of the schools in the University of California system (including UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UCSD).


A native Californian, I also lived in Las Vegas prior to briefly attending Revelle College at University of California San Diego to study Physics. I moved to London in 2007 where I read honours English and History at Goldsmiths College. I have been a tutor with USApplicants since 2009, and I took over as Managing Director in 2014.

Personal Approach

I've always felt that confidence plays a major role in a student's ability to succeed on tests. As such, I make it a point to ensure students receive a great deal of positive reinforcement when deserved, in the hopes that when test day comes, they remain calm and confident throughout. My approach is to never have a dull moment -- I engage students with the material using equal parts humor and empathy.


'Brittany is great . We find her good company, enthusiastic and a great teacher. She is organised, a good communicator and reliable. After only this weekend our daughter's scores have improved by 30 points which has given her a renewed confidence in achieving her ambition of getting a good American university. We would like to thank Brittany for taking us on and I hope we can continue to work with her.'

Mother of an SAT I & SAT II student

'Brittany is the only Maths tutor/teacher our daughter has ever wanted to work for and looked forward to seeing and I think it is as much the confidence she has gained as the additional tuition that should result in an improved score'

Mother of an SAT I student

'Brittany is the answer to a prayer, the best possible tutor: calm, experienced, with a lovely easy manner. She communicates what needs to be known in a humorous, efficient way, teaching skills while defusing stress. She demystifies the SATs and makes the whole process less daunting.'

Mother of an SAT I, SAT II & Application Mentoring student