Carleigh Morgan

Carleigh Morgan


Central London

Universities attended

Cambridge University (PhD, expected)
King's College, London (MA)
Ochanomizu University
Ritsumeikan University
Wake Forest University (2 BA's, 1 minor)
Burgundy University, France

I specialise in

  • Application Essays
  • SAT I

I also teach

  • ACT
  • AP Exam
  • Application Essays
  • Application process
  • College choice
  • GRE
  • Homework Help
  • US High School
  • ACT English
  • ACT Reading
  • ACT Science
  • SAT I
  • SAT I Critical Reading
  • SAT I Maths
  • SAT I Writing
  • SAT II Biology/EM
  • SAT II French
  • SAT II French with Listening
  • SAT II Literature
  • SAT II U.S. History
  • SAT II World History


As a Fulbright Teacher and Cultural Ambassador to Turkey from 2013-2014, I founded Usak University’s first TEFL program and oversaw its implementation at both the administrative and instructional level by working with government officials, lecturers, and students to develop a core curriculum and standardised assessment tools. Acting as the Primary Lecturer in the English Language Department, I taught students of all ages and abilities. I am experienced in adjusting my teaching approach to suit the individual and very comfortable adapting to the personalised learning style of my students.

In addition to my university teaching experience, I’ve worked as a private tutor in English, English Literature, French, Maths, and Composition. I’ve helped high school students improve their standardised testing performance; counselled aspiring Fulbright scholars and co-navigated the application process; and helped university level scientists and scholars refine their compositions for publication in international journals. In college, I led several modules on philosophy and founded Wake Forest University’s first co-ed Philosophy Club; as a leader of this organisation, I frequently delivered conference presentations, lectures, and facilitated discussion groups on interesting subjects outside the scope of ordinary classroom experience.

My teaching skills have been refined by my long term experience tutoring my three younger siblings. As the eldest child, I grew up assuming the responsibilities of a substitute parent, frequently helping my younger siblings navigate the rigorous of homework assignments or studying for end of term tests. I bring patience, humour, and charisma to all of my tutoring sessions, and work in tandem with students to help them self-assess their strengths and weaknesses, coordinating with them to develop the preparation techniques and cognitive skills they need to succeed.


Born and raised in North Carolina, I always knew college was going to be financially out of reach for my family. I was an avid reader and animated storyteller from a young age, and soared through school. Luckily, as a first generation college student, I received a full scholarship to Wake Forest University, which I entered as a sophomore after earning a full year’s worth of AP credit in high school. I completed my degrees in Philosophy and English Literature, and spent several months attending a language intensive immersion program in France for course credit. I graduated in 2012 with a 4.0 in English Literature and top marks in Philosophy, spending the following year working as a digital projectionist at an independent arthaus cinema.

After completing a Fulbright Teaching Scholarship in 2014, I matriculated to King's College, London to complete a Master's program in Contemporary Literature, Culture, and Theory. I graduated with a Distinction in January 2016, and have recently returned to King’s College London to pursue a PhD in New Media Studies and Professional Video Gaming.

In my spare time I devote my skills to a bibliotherapy startup that pairs readers with expert curators who make personalised literary recommendations in an effort to improve readers' overall health and well being. I am a voracious reader and toggle between multiple books per week; I steadfastly endorse the transformative, evocative, and emotive power of literature to make us better and more understanding individuals. As a female in the digital humanities and gaming industry, I strive to promote inclusivity and access to resources for underrepresented or marginalized groups. I also work within the competitive gaming industry to promote fair labour laws and develop standards for international practice that protects players from exploitation and abuse.

Personal Approach

My approach to teaching is simple: I view teaching as a constructive collaboration, and my role is to facilitate and inspire understanding, not deliver it. I work closely with students to decode and deconstruct the format of the SAT, breaking down questions and tackling the confusing language of standardising testing. I aim to equip them with composure, confidence, and clarity at testing time so that they can capably overcome difficult problems, time constraints, and testing anxieties. A student who performs well on the SAT has learned how to diagnose and understand the exam’s structure; as a result, part of my teaching method hinges on demystifying the test and familiarising students with how the questions are being asked, rather than encouraging them to memorise formulaic answers to these questions.

I expect each student to approach our lessons with a degree of self-compassion and self-awareness. I work closely with students to identify areas where they struggle, and help them generate alternative study methods, new ways of thinking, and versatile cognitive strategies to overcome these roadblocks. I operate on the principle that mistakes are opportunities to learn, and are not necessarily symptoms of faulty or dysfunctional thinking. In turn, I help students to regard their mistakes as valuable teaching tools, and give them the support and encouragement they need to become more effective thinkers.

For the college application process, I guide students every step of the way: from creating a portfolio of university choices that match their extracurricular pursuit, academic interests, and career aspirations; to coaching them through the college visit and interview process. My approach is to act as academic advisor, personal life coach, and communication counsellor, giving students the support they need to comfortably network with college administrations, secure positive recommendations, and draft compelling applications.


If you'd like reference letters, I'm happy to supply them!