USApplicants provides top private tuition for the SAT. Ours are the best SAT tutors in London: recent American graduates, often studying in the UK on internationally renowned scholarships, with a strong record of teaching and tutoring. We specialize in tuition for UK students taking the SAT: we know which topics aren’t usually covered in UK schools, and how to efficiently teach that material for the test. Our tutors will pass on outstanding test-taking skills to support students in the SAT and beyond.

At USApplicants, we can:

  • help you decide if the SAT is the right test for you
  • assess your baseline with a diagnostic exam
  • offer targeted tutoring for particular test sections or topics
  • provide a comprehensive course on SAT strategies, content, tips and tricks


Taking the SAT? Some helpful information:

In Spring 2016, the SAT underwent a series of changes. The new SAT assesses similar skills, but will place more emphasis on evidence-based analysis and less emphasis on abstract thinking. For example, students will be asked to interpret words based on the context in which they occur, rather than to select vocabulary based on memorized definitions. The essay will require students to analyze a source, rather than to write about an abstract prompt. Questions will now evaluate reading, writing, and math in the context of social science, science and history. Finally, there will be no penalty for wrong answers, which will change how students approach guessing.

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