We have worked with students from schools such as:


Bedales School  Bedales School

City of London Freeman’s School  City of London Freeman’s School

Dulwich College  Dulwich College

Eton College  Eton College

Fine Arts College  Fine Arts College

Harrow School  Harrow School

Highgate School  Highgate School

Hurtwood House  Hurtwood House

Latymer Upper School  Latymer Upper School

Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle  Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle

Manchester Grammar School  Manchester Grammar School

Mill Hill School  Mill Hill School

North London Collegiate School  North London Collegiate School

Queen’s Gate School  Queen’s Gate School

Rugby School  Rugby School

Shrewsbury School  Shrewsbury School

South Hampstead High School  South Hampstead High School

St Paul’s School  St Paul’s School

Taunton School  Taunton School

The American School in London  The American School in London

University College School  University College School

Westminster School  Westminster School

Winchester College  Winchester College