Parents and students alike are consistently impressed with Anna’s diligence, professionalism, and ability to produce the desired outcomes. She just as easily befriends students as she impresses parents. Anna is the solution for all college admissions related needs.

Marie was brilliant…very very good. I was also impressed by how structured/focused Marie was as [she and my son] had quite a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. She worked well with [my son] and established a good rapport.  Father of an ISEE student

Katherine was very professional and very pleasant; (my son) was positive and happy with the session and felt they made progress.  Father of an upper level ISEE student

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for recommending Ross who did a stellar job with little time in preparing Tim for his Math 1 subject test. He was an efficient pedagogue.  Father of SAT I Math student

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for arranging for James to work with Ross. James very much enjoyed working with him and felt that Ross explained everything very clearly and that he was extremely helpful. Ross is also very personable and Mia and I are grateful for his assistance.  Father of SAT II Math student

I just wanted to thank you for Katherine who has been quite excellent… I think they got on well together and I would have no hesitation in recommending Katherine as a first class tutor.  Father of SAT math student

Kelly did a wonderful job preparing our twin 13 year old boys for the ISEE test here in London when we learned we were moving back to the USA after 10 years. The boys had attended English schools throughout our stay, so they were completely unfamiliar with US standardised tests. Kelly met them, assessed where they needed help, and developed a thoughtful action/lesson/homework plan for each boy (they are very different). Over a few short weeks their confidence levels ­­and their ISEE practice scores ­­improved markedly. In the end, they both did exceedingly well on their ISEEs and got into all the schools to which they applied! We think the world of Kelly and her team.  Father of two middle level ISEE students

Please pass on thanks to Katherine, as my daughter has enjoyed working with her and got a lot out of their math sessions. My daughter is feeling very positive about going back and being tested!  Guardian of pre-university preparation student

Can you please clone Kelly?! With Kelly helping my daughter (or any child) nothing is insurmountable! Kelly has taken it upon herself to research independently my daughter’s dyscalculia, and she has done extensive reading on dyslexia, and how best she could help my daughter. Frankly, Kelly sets the standards high for any tutor, and supercedes any expectation one could ever have! I think my daughter forgets it is work!  Mother of a middle ­level ISEE student

This is an overdue note to say that [my daughter] really loved working with all of your staff, especially Jennie and Anna. She found them helpful and supportive, providing exactly what she needed. She fortunately had a fantastic outcome, but regardless of that, we truly felt that the support could not have been better.

We would definitely recommend you, and will be back in touch when our son is ready to start the process.

Thank you!
 Mother of a student who received application mentoring

[The student] had a great session with Ross. His insights about the nature of the math test were so clarifying. He also looked at her essay and gave clear instructions on how to write more efficiently. He was really helpful and gave [the student] a lot of confidence for exam day.  Mother of an SAT I student

Kelly tutored my daughter for the ISEE Lower Level exam. We did not have much preparation for the test before we hired Kelly and she did not have a huge amount of time to get our daughter up to speed. Kelly took this as a great challenge and did a few days of power sessions with our daughter. Initially our daughter had a negative approach to math. Kelly motivated and inspired our daughter, an amazing task, and she had such a positive and great connection with our daughter.

She is very organized and maximizes her time with your child to get the most of every session. I thoroughly recommend Kelly as she is able to adapt to very different children in different school systems yet motivates them to learn and succeed. She is exactly what you would want in a tutor. She has improved the confidence level of my daughter in such a short span of time.
 Mother of lower level ISEE student

My daughter met Marie on Saturday and was very happy with her session. I chatted with her on the way in and out of the session and was very impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and great attitude.  Mother of SAT student

Anna tutored my daughters for the ISEE. In very little time the improvement in their performances was astonishing. A huge Success! Anna was specific and thorough, discovering and correcting exactly where they were going wrong in each of the sections. She had great ideas, a great approach and my daughters loved her and found her inspiring. She brought out the absolute best in them and they had a good time too. I can’t recommend her highly enough.  Mother of two upper level ISEE students

Katherine is warm and personable by nature. She is incredibly smart, confident, mature, and responsible. My expectation was that she would monitor my daughter’s daily routine, study with her as necessary, and add the structure that I am not consistently around to provide. Katherine exceeded all of my expectations. She bonded with my daughter and shared with her all of her well-honed talents, including improved writing skills, research, organization, time management and performance excellence. In the 10 years that my daughter has progressed through school, I have never had someone leave such a lasting impression on her. My daughter is proud of her improved skills and has now challenged herself to an ambitious workload in anticipation of her college career.  Mother of US high school academic support student

Meica was invaluable to our daughter during the college application process. We could not possibly have got through it without her. Meica is efficient and responds to queries immediately; she is realistic, but kind and patient. By understanding the subtle distinctions, whether academic or social, between the colleges and universities, she is able to see a ‘fit’ and make the process productive and positive from the start.  Parent of a student who received application mentoring

We have found Ross to be very organised and proficient in his teaching of Maths. [The student] has got on very well with him, learnt a lot and made good progress, so we are all very happy and would have no hesitation in recommending Ross to others.  Parents of an SAT I student

Having scored 550 in my SAT Reading Paper, last year, I contacted USApplicants in the hope of improving my score. Kaitlin was appointed as my tutor. We met for approximately 6 hours and I cannot recommend Kaitlin enough as a tutor. She was attentive and encouraging and always had an answer for my many questions. She gave me confidence in my ability and prepared me well for the examination. Needless to say I was delighted to have scored 670 in my Reading Paper. Thank you, Kaitlin.  SAT I student