US University Applications

The application process for universities in the US is very different from the process in the UK. American schools are interested in understanding each applicant holistically: What kind of community are they from? How did they take advantage of the opportunities available to them? How do they see the world around them? What will they contribute to a university community? What are their aspirations? These are the questions that admissions officers will strive to understand from your application.

As a result, a central aspect of the application is the personal statement, a narrative essay written by you. This essay can be intimidating, especially for students from the UK who may not be accustomed to writing about themselves.

At USApplicants, our inspiring application mentors can help you with the personal statement from start to finish, as you:

  • reflect on your story
  • decide what to highlight
  • assess what will make you stand out
  • brainstorm essay topics
  • write drafts
  • finalize a polished product

We also assist with any supplementary essays that may be required.

We are available to organize each aspect of the application:

  • developing a school list that is ambitious, but not too risky
  • organizing deadlines for each school
  • reaching out to reference letter writers
  • planning your focus for each application section

We also support schools that are not accustomed to US applications, and can assist school officials with their reporting requirements.

Feel free to peruse a selected list of universities to which USApplicants students have been accepted.